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There's a Fly in my Ear! Summary

When the sudden arrival of a fly in his ear prevents him from sleeping? There's a Fly in my Ear is a 200 word picture book written for the pre-school through kindergarten audience. In the story, the young boy handles his dilemma by imagining what kind of fly could be keeping him awake with its buzzing.
His imagination runs wild, but even he is not prepared for the story's
surprise ending.

"There's a Fly in my Ear!" is available on Amazon!

There's a Cat on my Head! Summary

A whimsical rhyming story about a young girl whose best friend is a her cat. The picture book illustrates the give and take relationships of good friends and the joys of friendship.

"There's a Cat on my Head!" is available on Amazon!

Wait! For your added enjoyment we have hidden either a tiny bug or spider in
every illustration within "There's a Fly in my Ear!" or a mouse in "There's a Cat on my Head!". Enjoy the Search!